Residual Moisture in pipes is a quality feature Residual moisture analyzer

Measurement to the statutory required standard of residual moisture in pipes is possible with the testing station DWF-SP-35. For the measurement, a test-pipe, which can be up to several metres long, is connected to the measurement instrument. The measurement can be carried out by hand or automatically by PC control. The measurement programme can be selected in such a way that a maximum value or the whole amount of water is recorded. The measurement corresponds to the German Institute for Standards DIN 8964-1 standard for the monitoring of pipe moisture. In addition to maintaining the regulatory standard, the positive impact of appropriate measurement on the saving of time and expenditure becomes apparent.

Measuring area:                   (1... 15,000) ppm corresponds   

                                           (-80... 20) °CTd dew point

Application temperature:       (-10... 80) °C

max. working pressure:        10 bar

The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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