For the determination of material moisture we prefer the Calciumhydrid-method Material Moisture Analyzer

Material moisture is an important parameter in the processing of high-quality technical plastics in order to ensure the quality of the manufactured product. Measurement should occur rapidly and be able to be carried out simply. DWF-MAT-40 measures granular solids and was developed for the plastic-processing industry. The device is robust and of compact construction and can be easily transported. It can be used directly at the point of production. As it is an absolute measurement different calibrations are not necessary for different plastics. As a measurement principle the Calciumhydride-measurement procedure is applied with the following reaction  CaH2+ 2H2O ->Ca(OH)2+ 2H2.

Measuring Principle:   Calciumhydride method

Measuring areas (%w/w):


dependent on the density of the

    measured goods
    0...0,1; 0...0,4; 0...0,1;  0...4.0
Material Weight (g):   1...40
Measuring temperature (°C):   selectable; 80; 105; 130; 160; 190
Measuring time (min):   dependent on material (15...30)
The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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