The determination of trace moisture is for manufacturers and users of industrial gases, in microelectronics and in the chemical industry important. The phosphorus pentoxide method used in our equipments allows measurements down to -100 ° Ctd. A patented sensor check verified the accuracy of our analyzers during operation. The different designs enable adaptation to the respective task.

For the determination of trace moisture we use a Phosphoros pentoxid layer Method Trace Moisture Analyzer
Phosphorus pentoxide is an excellent drying agent. Measurement of our trace moisture analyzer is based on the absorption of the water present in a phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) layer and subsequent separation of the water. On sensor a defined voltage is present, which varies significantly with the decomposition of water. This change is related to trace moisture and is evaluated accordingly. A measurement with our devices is possible in all gaseous media that will not react with acid. These are almost all non-alkaline gases including low hydrocarbon.

We offer three different types of Trace Moisture Analyzer:

  • For stationary installation,
  • for mobile use and
  • for installation in boxing gloves

Every type is equipped with an automatic sensor check. And all devices can be used in criticel envoironmentals.


The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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