Our Probe can measure process moisture in a wide temperature range Srew-in humidity sensor


The Process Moisture sensor DWF-RF-25 can be used up to an ambient temperatur of 120°C. This allows for its use in a wide range of drying- and process moisture applications. For continuous use in the high humidity range or chemical exposure a heating function provides the necessary regeneration. It measures humidity and temperature and the dewpoint can be calculated from these values. All measurements and calculated values can be stored and displayed using software. The sensor elements used are accurate and long-term stable. The moisture determination in drying processes can be carried out effectively and cost-effectively. The cost of the hardware is low, the installation is simple. The necessary engineering is done by us.

Our humidity probe can be used in atemperature range from -40 up to 120°C Humidity Probe with cable

The most important parameters are:

  •  Use up to 12 probes
  •  Temperatures (-40 ... 120) ° C
  •  Heating function for pollutants and  continuous operation in high humidity
  •  Cable length up to 120m
  •  Sensor head diameter 6 ... 8mm



The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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