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DWF-FACH-10   Trace moisture determination with coulometric principle
DWF-FACH-15   Product moisture in foodstuff processes
DWF-FACH-20   Trace moisture sensor
DWF-FACH-25   Verifying the reliability of moisture analyzers for moisture, solids and liquids
DWF-FACH-30   Comparison and Selection of EMC/ERH Isotherm Equations for Drying and Storage of Grain and Oilseed
DWF-FACH-35   Humidity Measurement in industrial Processes
DWF-FACH-40   MiniHum - a miniaturized device to measure trace-moisture on mars
DWF-FACH-45   Indutrial Humidity Measurement
DWF-FACH-50   Terms and Definitions Thermodynamics
DWF-FACH-55   HumiTrace sensor system with novel planar traces moisture sensors
The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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