Our Humidity Probe is designed for a wide range od applications Humidity Sensor with cable

The new humidity sensor DWF-RF-25 is designed for a versatile application. Hu- midity and temperature are measured, the dew point is calculated. The humidity sensor is suitable for monitoring and mapping applications.


The most important parameters are:

  •      Use up to 12 probes
  •      Temperatures (-40 ... 120) °
  •      Heating function for pollutants and continuous operation in   
  •      high humidity
  •      Cable length up to 120m
  •      Sensor head diameter 6 ... 8mm
By using a correspondig converter, up to 12 humidity probs can be managed at the same time Converter for Humidity Probes

The DWF-RF-25 series can be used where relative humidity, temperature and dew point are to be determined and documented. The sensors have a wide temperature and humidity range and cable lengths up to 95m. The measured values are stored and displayed in the software. Up to 12 sensors can be managed in a software via corresponding converters.

The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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