To determine the process moisture different procedures are available, depending on the application. Some of them can easyly be integrated in the process, others needs more attention. 

In the field of trace moisture or residual moisture our Trace Moisture Analyzers can be integrated directly into the pipe system or - for example in glove boxes - via a bypass in the process. We determine the trace moisture in industrial gases, medical gases and in narrow pipelines (residual moisture). For our devices we use the phosphorus pentoxide method with a patented, automatic sensor check, which checks the accuracy of the sensor during the ongoing process.

For determining the process moisture in fluidized bed dryers, we have developed a special chamber in which particle are collected during the drying process and their product moisture is determined by a high-frequency probe.

For drying processes in the high-humidity range, we use preferably a capacitive humidity sensor for determining the humidity in the material environment. As with any method, a product calibration is required. The hardware costs are comparatively low. The determination of the process moisture works via Sorption Isotherms.

In order to determine on running webs (paper, cardboard, plastics) the process moisture, we use a web probe with a cover which measures directly on the surface of the moving web. In the web sensor, a capacitive humidity sensor is integrated.

The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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