aw-value Chamber

The determination of the aw-value (aw = activity of water) is of considerable importance for various applications in industry, pharmacy and foodstuffs. For example, determination of the aw-value on the shelf life of chemicals and foodstuffs can be concluded. But also the behavior of products and substances under certain climatic conditions can be seen.

Temperature Chamber

Basics for a meaningful determination of the water activity are a reliable and long-term stable moisture measurement and the possibility of an exactly controllable temperature over a range, which maps the conditions of the application. In our DWF-AW-35/120 measuring station, aw values from 0.030 ... 0.980 aw can be determined in a temperature range of -35 ... 120 ° C. This can be used to simulate all normally occurring climates, such as occur for vehicles or the storage of medicines.


aw-Wert Darstellung


aw-Wert Verlaufsdarstellung

The supplied software displays the measured values and the measurement profile on the display of the computer. Temperature, time histories and recording intervals can be specified and recorded. Alternatively, only the final values of the measurement are documented, that is, e.g. 0.65aw / 50 ° C. The measuring station thus offers all the necessary options to achieve and document accurate and reproducible results.

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