aw Value determination in the range of (-35...120)°C

The aw-value (also water activity) is important for the determination of the durability of different substances and materials. Important target groups are the food industry, pharmacy and cost-control - but also for technical materials. In the automotive industry it is important to define the aw value and thus the behavior under certain environmental conditions.

The aw value (also equilibrium moisture content) is obtained by adjusting an equilibrium between the free water of the product to be determined and the ambient air. The aw-value strongly depends on the temperature because, as the temperature rises, the product to be determined releases more free and finally physically bound water to the surrounding air. Therefore, the specification of the aw value is always necessary to specify the temperature at which this aw value was determined.

In our measuring station DWF-AW-35/120 temperatures in a range of (-35 ... 120) ° C can be precisely controlled. Traces of aw-value and temperature are programmed, displayed and documented in the software. Alternatively, only the final values ​​are output.

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