The specialist book of Dr. Wernecke describes all aspects of industrial moisture and humidity and for trace humidity as well. Humidity | Moisture

'Industrial Moisture Measurement' by Dr. Wernecke is standard in this field. The book deals with the foundations, measurement methods, and technical applications. The work is available in German as an ePUB (download of single chapters available for a fee) and the English version with co-author Jan Wernecke is also available in hardcover and as an ePUB. A wide variety of suggestions and choices for the solution of moisture measurement tasks are available throughout the text to the user.

From the content:

  • Water in gases, solids and liquids.
  • Terms, definitions, and principles of moisture measurement technology.
  • Measurement principles of industrial moisture measurement in gases and solids.
  • Methodology for the selection of measurement methods and device technology.
  • Applications for agriculture and the food industry, environmental engineering technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, gas production, the plastics industry, paper manufacturing and processing, the textile industry, medicine, the laboratory, electronics industry and aviation and aerospace.
  • Comprehensive appendix with thermo-dynamic constants, equations and sorption isotherms.
  • 'Industrial moisture measurement' gives both practical suggestions and theoretical knowledge for the laboratory, science, and industry.
The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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