Trace Moisture Analyzer, Gas Mixing Systems, Process Moisture Analyzers and the Laboratory Gas Generators are topics on which you can find information and suggestions on our website. We manufacture appropriate serial devices, but we can also adapt appropriate measurement technology to the needs of your application. For this purpose, we develop new sensor systems or set up complete laboratories. For the determination of the aw-value (also water activity or balancy wet) in a wide temperature range of -35 ... 120°C we have developed an aw value thermostatted measuring instrument. We also operate a DAkkS (DKD) accredited calibration laboratory for humidity, temperature and water activity and can therefore also calibrate moisture meters and issue corresponding DAkkS certificates.


Our calibration laboratory is DAkkS (DKD) accredited for the measuring sizes air humidity, air temperature and water activity (aw-value). Certificates are created for hand-held measuring instruments, measuring transducers and measuring instruments for the determination of water activity. We also create ISO certificates for devices for determining the following parameters: humidity, air temperature, water activity, temperature and flow. Calibrations are carried out in our laboratory or customers site.


The process moisture is basically determined online by us. In the area of trace moisture with our analyzers, which are available in different designs. For fluidized beds, we have developed a special measuring device with a particle collector. The evaluation is carried out by means of a high-frequency probe. In the high-humidity range, we preferably use capacitive humidity sensors, which we adapt individually to the respective process.


Our Laboratory gas moisture generator generates gas with a defined humidity content. The gas is directed into a test chamber, which can be used to investigate the influence of humidity on materials and foodstuffs. The mixed gas generators regulate and document a wide range of parameters. The systems are designed according to customer requirements. They cover a wide range of applications from simple applications to complex systems for generating extreme environmental conditions.

The book deals with all aspects of humidity and moisture measurement Moisture Measurement
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